– By Dr. Rajni Dubey

Chikungunya – the mystery fever, even after the fever is gone we feel pain and stiffness all over the body during morning hours also throughout the day. We find the reference in ayurveda basis the symptoms, close to that of VATA JAWAR, Charak samhita 1/21.

Ayurveda has widely covered fever, and is the first disease the Charak – The father of medicine, has discussed. Vata Jawar (fever) generally happens during and after the rainy season, with the high intensity fever that last for 3-4 days with pain in all mobile joints, backbone,  shoulder, legs, wrist etc, stiffness in body, cramps in calf muscles, loss of appetite, lethargy, nausea, giddiness, nails, skin, eyes and face become dry and red.  It’s all because of the AAM-RASA and VATA, which gets accumulated and aggravated in the body during this season as we have improper diet (fried food etc.) and lifestyle.

The diet one should follow during and after the fever, one should take lukewarm water in the morning also during the day time, one should take liquid diet viz hot soup, daliya and khichaddi with dry ginger and Kali mirch. One may also follow LANGHAN KARMA, i.e. fasting but with liquid diet. Another diet roast moong dal and boil it till it get uniformly dissolve in water, put some dry ginger dhaniya powder, rock salt and take it with cow ghrit (Ghee).

The home remedies for the pain and swelling after the fever has elapsed, Heeng fried in cow ghrit, honey in lukewarm water, ajwain, Dalchini, giloy, ginger and tulsi in equal quantity boil it in water and consume the water 3-4 times in a day.

One may do hot fermentation with mixture of rock salt and ajwain, also with hot sand wrap them in cotton cloth, and put them on the affected part, one may do hot fermentation with hot water with alum. One may also do massage with til oil (1 Litre) mix with garlic, ajwain, maethi and haldi 50 gram each boiled in it. One may also burn mixture of gugul, loban, sarson, neem leaf and camphor to contain the further spread and keep the air clean and purified.

The medicine as prescribed with CAUTION, consult doctor before consumption- Ashwagandha, Shilajeet, Mahayograj gugul, Punarnawadi gugul, Asthi sukh capsule, chitrakadi vati.

Keep the surrounding clean -stay healthy and happy!

AS Blogger Dr Rajni Dubey is a Delhi based Ayurvedic doctor.

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