Punarnava renew, rejuvenate and revive the body systems. Found all across India, Punarnava has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antifibrinolytic and antibacterial properties. It helps in treating asthma, urinary disorders, leucorrhea, rheumatism and encephalitis.

Punarnava is derived from two Hindi words ‘punar’ which means again and ‘nava’ is new. It literally means ‘bring back to life’ or ‘renewer’ and finds its mention in Charaka Samhita. It bears small fleshy leaves, small reddish pink flowers and fruits in winter. It is bitter in taste and has cooling effect. With very high medicinal value it corrects the digestive system, alleviates fluid retention and is useful in managing heart diseases. It is beneficial in anemia, hernia and respiratory distress, and can also be taken in liver problems and managing lipids and cholesterol in healthy limits.



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