The mental phenomena like kama, krodha, lobha, harsa, bhaya, moha, yasa, Soka, cinta, udvega etc. are the natural states of mind[i] but these can convert into disease in their aggravating condition.

From the dawn of human civilization the quest to achieve long and healthy life has always fascinated mankind. Ayurveda has always helped mankind to live a long and disease free life. Man has started to neglect all the rules of the nature and in return is suffering from hazardous diseases. Life style disorders have almost crippled human race. Due to these long diseases human being also face great psychological and emotional problems. The chronicity of illness, prolonged physical suffering, high cost and adverse effects of the drugs, repeated hospital visits etc. makes it impossible for a patient to live a normal happy life and he becomes prone to psychological problems.

Visada or Depression is defined as lowering of mood, such as feeling sad, tearful, melancholic or low in spirits. Depression is the cardinal feature of depressive illness. Sometimes the word ‘depression’ is used as shorthand to describe a depressive illness.

This state of sadness or melancholia is categorically mentioned in ayurvedic classics. Influence of this state in all categories of diseases and interrelationship with various conditions and treatment modalities are also vividly described. Scientific analysis of this condition and treatment approach in accordance with ayurvedic principles is the main subject matter of this article.


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