Exercise to prevent CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (CTS)

Dr S. G. Kabra is a medico-legal expert, M S in Anatomy & Surgery and an author known for his sensitive work on the human side of medical profession. He has researched on “Pranayam & Vyayam” with allopathic approach. In the 3rd part of AYURVED SUTRA series he is explaining CTS.

There are eight small carpal bones that form the wrist. The bones are arranged in two rows, a proximal row and a distal row. They are joined together by ligaments and are so arranged that their anterior surface is deeply concave. Stretching across the concavity between the lateral two and the medial two carpal bones is a strong fibrous sheet called flexor retinaculum. This converts the concavity into a tunnel – the Carpal Tunnel.



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