Can man live on this planet alone?

While science is just beginning to confirm the effect of animals on troubled adolescents, Karen Hawkins runs a healing farm in Maine where she takes in children and animals who are in need of healing.

There is a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai whose inmates read like the who’s who list of society — rich people’s sad teenage children who had a lot of money and no attention. As part of the curriculum, these teenagers go abroad twice a month, sightsee, eat well, and go to plays and films…anything to show them that life can be good as well.

This seems like the kind of place that will get repeat cases. I know one young adult on drugs who has gone back for the third time. The source of sadness is usually much more than just being ignored or mistreated in childhood, or being spoilt with too much money. It is often a mental health disorder related to chemicals going awry in the brain.


Ayurvedsutra - Issue 6 - Winter Special076

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