It’s not just more food and less exercise that drives the increase in weight. It is the animals within us. Now, if someone is reading this and wants to make a lot of money, the way to do it is to make a commercial infusion of either Firmicutes or Bacteroidetes that people can buy and eat and change the balance of their intestinal bacteria. What a simple way to become thinner or fatter.

I have been on a diet for two weeks now and it’s enough to make anyone grumpy. The fat will not fall off no matter how much food I do not eat. Weekends I do not eat cooked food at all but the fat remains stubbornly in its place.

It’s a pity that humans can’t control what their stomachs or small intestine absorbs. The fashionable people are all going for bariatric surgery. This cuts out or bypasses parts of the stomach or small intestine. The theory is that less intestines means fewer calories absorbed.


Ayurvedsutra - Issue 554 copy

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