Ron Finley was tired of driving 45 minutes to buy an organic tomato. So, he decided to grow his own. A small start led to a gardening revolution. Now, he gets people in the soil and hooks them on fresh home-grown vegetables and a do-it-yourself attitude. Finley has set up an organization which plants vegetable gardens in Los Angeles yards free of charge, and has installed public gardens in curb strips, homeless shelters, abandoned lots, and traffic medians.

Ron Finley grew up in South Central Los Angeles, a “food desert” where nutritious eats are chronically unavailable. But when the fashion designer, personal trainer and poster collector got tired of driving 45 minutes to buy an organic tomato, he decided to grow his own. Since then, he’s started a gardening revolution in his inner city neighborhood, professing that “gardening is gangsta” and that an easy way to promote human rights at home is to plant some vegetables.

The fame of this “renegade gardener” took off after his February TED talk (the video has over a million views). The New York Times called him “an Appleseed with an attitude.”


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