Time to Tea off

A cup of tea or coffee served with fresh air in the morning is indeed refreshing. In ayurveda, it is believed that anything taken in moderate quantity with due respect to one’s ‘prakriti’ (physical constitution), the ‘kala’ (season) and ‘desa’ (land) will always do good to the person. But, even a moderate intake of tea – two to three cups a day – adds up to 1,000 cups in a year. So, watch out before you sip.

First, let’s examine the ingredients of an innocuous cup of tea. It has caffeine, little amounts of oxalates and tannin. Caffeine can cause sleep disorders, anxiety and even irritability. Oxalates is known for causing kidney stones. Besides, the excess of Tannin in the body can increase ones susceptibility to oesophageal cancer. Even drinking tea or coffee in steaming temperature makes one susceptible for oesophageal cancer. Moreover, drinking tea with milk blocks  tea’s positive health effect in the cardiovascular disease are because of casein in the milk. It has the property of binding hence it binds with molecules in the tea. Plant-based milk like Soy milk which has no casein has no such effect.

Coffee on the other hand has its own problems. It stains our teeth degrades our teeth’s color, and damages ones gastrointestinal system. Excess intake of coffee increases blood pressure, increases low density cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol, and increases the susceptibility to iron deficiency anemia. Studies show that coffee addicts are prone to coronary artery disease, anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability and increased still births. Terrified? You must not. Just replace your regular intake of tea or coffee with herbal tea.


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