Can an Electronic Device Repeat the Work of Authentic Master of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis?

VedaPulse™ is an innovative medical device for providing the in-depth health diagnosis based on two methods: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the author’s methodology, created on the basis of the traditional pulse diagnosis in Ayurveda. It was created when its developer, Dr. Oleg Sorokin, was working at the Department

Wellness Bloggers Meet, Edition 2

After the stupendous success of Wellness Bloggers Meet, Edition: I @ NIMBA, Ahmedabad we were faced with number of questions (click: What will be the motto of the Edition II? How many Bloggers? What are we aiming at? What

Respect your Body

He entered into Wellness by choice. He had options. Kairali is one of their many businesses. An Engineer by profession, Abhilash worked with a construction company in US. After sometime, he couldn’t enjoy the work and moved on to take

Happiness is Attractive

“Our bodies are made up of five elements. And the sixth element is wellness, fitness, vitality, immunity and energy and is an expression of your liveliness, cheerfulness, happiness and well-being. It expresses your eternal youth, overflowing vigour, unlimited vitality for

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