Food and Cooking

All our different sects of Hinduism admit the truth of the celebrated saying of the Shruti, “आहारशुद्धौ सत्त्वशुद्धिः सत्त्वशुद्धौ ध्रुवा स्मृतिः —When the food is pure, then the inner-sense gets purified; on the purification of the inner sense, memory (of

Holy Basil: A Divine Herb

Practitioners of Ayurveda medicine prescribe remedies on the basis of their attributes/quality. They are twenty in number, such as slow/sharp, oily/dry, cold/hot, slimy/rough, dense/liquid, soft/hard, static/mobile, subtle/gross, thick/clear, and heavy/light. The other aspects of classification of herbs are according to

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