When you think of your body you see maximum separateness. Move to your mind and you see oneness within the family. Identify with the intellect and you see oneness among all. Take the leap into the realm of the Spirit and all differences vanish. You see yourself in all beings and all beings in your own Self. You will be free of hatred.

What is true devotion?

Is it mere allegiance to a particular deity or prophet? Does it necessitate a change in lifestyle? How does one know if one qualifies as a devotee? In Chapter 12 of the Bhagwad Gita Krishna lists 35 qualities of a devotee that help assess our spiritual level as well as develop the qualities to evolve further.

The first quality is ‘advesta sarvabhutanam’, one who hates no being. Yet the worst battles have been fought in the name of religion. People who profess to have devotion to the Lord often have conflict-ridden relationships. Devotion is not about professing love to God, it is the ability to love all. How can you love an unknown, unseen God when you dislike those you interact with daily?


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 824 copy

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