Akashavani plans Kannada programme on medicinal plants

Bengaluru. Karnataka Medicinal Plants Authority will organise a radio programme for people of all walks of life to help them know all about medicinal plants. U V Singh, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Karnataka Medicinal Plants Authority informed that the programme is being implemented under the guidance of Medicinal Plants Board of the Union government at a cost of Rs 20 lakh.

“We have planned a 140-day-programme, twice a day on Akashavani. The broadcast timings are being finalised. The programme will be aired in Kannada and it will be a two way communication network. Listeners will be able to ask questions. The aim is to make people aware of medicinal plants which are found all around us and how they can be used,” he said.

The programme will be aired across the state simultaneously from the AIR station, Bhadravathi. The department has prepared a list of 150 speakers, comprising noted environmentalists, faculty from ayurvedic and medical colleges, retired forest officers, educationalists, farmers and traditional medicine practitioners.

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