Govt mulls making licenses compulsory for Ayurveda shops

The Government of India (GoI) is said to be mulling over making licenses compulsory for Ayurveda shops soon. Several state Government have sent proposals to the Union Government to make license compulsory for Ayurveda shops so the Government may control these shops and the Union Government is seriously considering it. Till date there is no license policy for Ayurveda shops like allopathic drugs stores. When there is no license to sell Ayurveda drugs, anybody can sell Ayurveda, herbal drugs. There are no rule and regulations, no norms to sell drugs. Many Ayurveda shops sell drugs claiming sure cure. The Government has framed stricter norms for allopathic drug stores but no such norms are applicable for Ayurveda drugs, which are gaining immense popularity nowadays.

Sources said when there is no license, no rules, the Ayurveda drugs inspectors also do not take interest in checking the shops what they sell what and how should be sold. It is interesting to note that the AYUSH Department has not yet conducted survey of the Ayurveda shops in State. Department’s drugs inspectors do not know how many Ayurveda shops across the state. Whether they charge more from the price printed on the drug packets, bottles.

A senior MP Government AYUSH officer said there are around 20,000 Ayurveda shops across the State and even at some places, the shops of other goods also sell Ayurveda drugs but no action is taken against them as there is no rule to act. Even, there is no necessity that the pharmacists should be there to sell the drugs. It is learnt that there are about 54 Ayurveda drugs inspectors but they hardly go to inspect Ayurveda shops. They find irregularities but they cannot build up pressure to correct it upon the drugs shop owners. It might be the reason why the drugs inspectors do not inspect regularly.
The department has not yet properly decided works of the drugs inspectors.

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