Students from Chile learn the nutritive side of Ayurveda

AMUTHA KANNAN reports for the HINDU :They have so far been studying Ayurveda at their respective institutions abroad. Their visit to India till now was restricted to include an intensive knowledge sharing experience on Ayurveda-based concepts. But now students from abroad who are studying Ayurvedic concepts of food and nutrition will also get an opportunity to practically cook recipes in Coimbatore, guided by culinary experts.

Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam (AYVP), a sister organisation of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), is collaborating with Sri Krishna Arts and Science College to offer such students from abroad hands-on training at the Department of Catering Science and Hotel Management.

The first batch of nine students studying Ayurvedic concepts of food and nutrition at Chile are in Coimbatore undergoing a three-week intensive training in preparation of recipes. The course, which began on January 27 would go on till February 14. The training includes theory and practical sessions, with the former handled by experts from AYVP and the latter provided by faculty of the catering department of the college.

V. Vasudevan, Director of AYVP, said the tie-up with the college would enable Ayurveda students from abroad get practical knowledge of cooking basic South Indian cuisine based on Ayurvedic concepts. They would be given the scientific explanation behind the choice of ingredients and method of preparation based on Ayurvedic principles. Next level of training, at a later stage, would involve preparation of advanced dishes.

B. Manivannan, Head of the Department, said the chosen recipes were modified to suit Ayurvedic principles. “We taught them five varieties of ‘kanji’, healthy rasam using whole spices without oil, bitter gourd soup, and preparing products of milk such as cream, curd, butter, ghee and then modifying it using ingredients like asafoetida and root turmeric to give the products the Ayurvedic touch.”

Tuesday being the last day of practical sessions the group was taught to make healthy desserts for the tooth and health too. The chairperson of VLB and Sri Krishna Institutions, S. Malarvizhi, and the managing director of AVP Coimbatore Ltd., P.R. Krishnakumar, were present to encourage the students as their practical sessions came to an end.

The college is planning to take the training programme forward to extend it to Ayurveda students from other countries, who would be visiting AYVP and AVP for intensive studies.

In due course, after some studies, the department would also extend it to the college students and other students from local colleges.

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