South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa continent which is drawing people from all over the world with its essence. This country has a huge historical importance when it comes to trace the ancient sources of knowledge. This is the sacred land which was chosen by the first ever human form of life, Australopithecus homosepian, to be his home. That is why, when we start tracing history of medicinal knowledge, our first step is Southern African Countries, one of those is South Africa.

Importance of South Africa in medicinal science is still untouched. This is the country where we can see all the latest techniques in the field of Medicine. Although Modern Medicine is the most established one, South African people still believe in their ancient instincts when it comes to medicinal knowledge. This sacred land provided a good soil for all cultural roots to grow deep.

Every South African has a modern face with a heart which still has great faith in his heritage. That is why; Traditional Medicinal Knowledge is still alive & growing strong in South Africa. Sustained growth of economy & researches provide a good base for growth of all new technologies & sciences including our Traditional Medicinal Systems which are unfortunately called & used as Alternative Medicines.


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