Balancing Act

As we have entered the digital age post Silicon Valley phenomena, life has become all the more hectic. The digital age that has dawned is fast paced, characterized by constant change. To say that it is stressful and a little more complicated would just be an understatement. With so many things to juggle between, to maintain balance between mind, body and soul has become one of the most arduous ask especially for working professionals.

Stress arising from balancing the professional life and personal – that include self and society – and living amidst the din of bustling cities could negative impact the fine balance between our minds and bodies which in turn affects the soul.

Here’s where holistic healing comes into picture. Traditional healing could cure the infection of physical ailments, but when it comes to live a more balanced lifestyle, they prove fruitless. What distinguishes holistic healing from other forms of medical treatments is that physical health is often not at the heart of healing.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 848 copy

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