Prakriti or Parvati after it merger with Shiva is our reality and our reality includes this wonderful universe of diversities and beauty, including our own physical being. There are trees, forests, mountains, waterfalls rocks, minerals, flowers, lakes, seas, and oceans; there are seasons and there is a constant change taking place in the cosmos. It seems that it all began from the Shiva’s abode in the Himalayas. In the description of the Himalayas, it is said that these are those mountains where diverse vegetations speak for themselves and tell their characteristic qualities.

Abode of Shiva is Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. In fact Mount Kailash itself is Shiva in symbolic form. Shiva represents the masculine energy of the universe in the form of linga or phallus. The mount Kailash represents Shivalinga. Shiva represents the eternal Cosmic Energy. Parvati– the daughter of the Himalayas , represents the feminine energy or the Cosmic Substance. There is no phenomenal world without these two energies fuse with each other. It is said that Ayurveda is as old as the life itself. As the life came to existence, there were also discomforts, imbalances and ailments associated with the organic beings. It is due to the fact that inherent nature of the cosmic creatures is bound to activities or karma. With that begins the cause and effect of karma and its fruits. Therefore, it is considered that the origin of life and Ayurveda are simultaneous. It signifies that the healing practices and remedies are associated with the Cosmic Substance or Prakriti, called Parvati in the above story.



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