Patanjali and Ayurvedic Yoga

The word Yoga signifies the withdrawal of senses from the sense objects whereas Ayurveda deals with the indulgence of senses in the sense objects. This is contrary to yoga and is termed as bhoga.

This series of articles are meant to make you understand the integration of yoga into Ayurveda, what I have called in the past─ Ayurvedic Yoga. My book, Patanjali and Ayurvedic Yoga was first published in 1998. The latest English edition is published two years ago. It is a great need to highlight the genuine wisdom of Patanajali at present time as the name of the great yoga Guru is being used for commercial purpose─ not only to sell yoga and so called meditation but also to sell shampoos, beauty products, groceries, and anything and everything. It is urgently needed to bring to the public domain what really Patanjali said in the 195 Sutras more than two thousand years ago and to demonstrate his great scientific precision and style. Patanjali’s analysis of human mind and psyche has no parallel and the wisdom he gave to the cosmos is beyond space and time.



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