The 9-to-5 Yogi : A Tale of Transformation Chepter 4

During our next visit, the vaidya tells Uma: ‘Today, I am going to introduce you to someone very interesting.’

‘Yeah?’ says Uma, glancing around the room, as if expecting another white-bearded healer to emerge from the door.

‘This person,’ continues Vaidya Sharma, ‘is a stranger to you, but someone you will soon come to know and love and understand.’

The words get Uma’s attention alright. And mine, too.

‘Vaidyaji,’ I begin, wondering if this intriguing character is someone I happen to know.

‘No,’ he answers my unasked question. ‘You don’t. But then, you don’t need to.’

Frankly, sometimes the old man can be a bit vexatious. With age, he seems to be developing a heightened taste for the dramatic. Oh well!

‘My dear child, stop biting your nails,’ he tells Uma. ‘I am not about to call out for a tall, dark, handsome male who will stop the beat inside your heart.’


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