Über Karma The Sixth Sense

The book breaks many myths pertaining to totems by putting forth the relevant symbolical and logical explanations.

Since ages, we have been following various religious rituals or totems unconditionally. These rituals have been passed on from generations and are followed religiously, even today. These totems are believed to bring success and prosperity in all spheres of our life. There is a thin line between faith and superstition. These rituals which constitute an important aspect of our culture and daily life have lost their real significance in the course of time. The reason is our way of approaching life. In today’s fast life we want quick fix solution for every problem. The advancement in science and technology has made our living easy but it has also made us dependent and intolerant. We seem to take life as tool that will give us quick results. Therefore, when faced with a challenge we immediately run to the priest or an astrologer for an easy rescue.


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