Sounds of Veg

A pumpkin can become a drum with tiny eggplant, squash or carrot drumsticks; celery is transformed into a guitar; a carrot and a bell pepper make a horn. Carrots with holes drilled into them can make flutes, recorders and clarinet-like instruments; Leeks are transformed into a violin.

Vegetables have been used in the world of sound in various ways.  Filmmakers line empty rooms with plastic sheets and pulverize a variety of fresh vegetables with hammers to capture the sounds of breaking bones, splattering blood and tearing flesh. The use of vegetables for musical instruments started thousands of years ago. The very earliest was probably a hollowed out log- hit with sticks, it became a drum.

Two vegetables have always been used: the gourd and bamboo. The main criterion is that the vegetable must be elastic and yet reasonably hard so that it will keep its shape and hence its tone.



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