Departure from Nature’s Rhythm is creating problems

Hailing from an ancestral agricultural background, I always had an inclination towards nature. Therefore when I got an opportunity to do my medicine in Ayurveda, I found it as a blessing. The Physician Sushrta of BC700 who is considered as the father of surgery was my inspiration and this encouraged me to choosing Salyatanthantra (surgery) as my specialisation in MD. MPhil in business management from BITS Pilani gave me a broader outlook in life. I owe so much to Kempinski Hotels & Resorts for giving me a platform of 11 years, to launch several Ayurveda projects – both Clinics & Wellness Centres -in UAE, Kuwait, Malta, Djibouti, Zanzibaar, Egypt, Tanzania, Germany, Saudi Arabia & Greece. I was then appointed by Birla as their Senior Vice President for their Ayurveda division where I managed 30 plus clinics in India. I thus had the experience to cater to both upscale and mid segment market. I took a break in my career after 13 years of persistent work and opened a small clinic in Dubai in 2013 – simultaneously serving as an advisor / consultant for few business establishments.



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