As a Therapist, Healer, Meditator & Levitator, Dr Jyotika Chibber, Founder- Director, The Light of Life Institute aims at bringing health, peace, light and awareness to individuals and groups for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach. She speaks to Shruti Mittal of Ayurved Sutra about the dreams and their relevance in our lives.

Is dreaming a disorder?

Dreaming is not a disorder. Dreaming is a natural phenomenon during which our mind processes and vents out all those thoughts that it doesn’t agree with. Just as we eat and drink daily and thereafter, need to excrete the toxins out of our bodies even if it’s an over doze of vitamins, we go through the venting process to heal our minds i.e. clear our minds of the accumulated clutter – negative emotions such as fear, insecurities, guilt, anger, etc. This is why sleep has a tendency to accumulate itself in order to work on the data piled up while we were unable to rest our minds. Therefore, in case we haven’t been able to sleep enough for a couple of days, we need to catch up on the lost sleep. Although all of us dream every time we fall asleep naturally, only some of us are able to recall a few of all the dreams we experience. If we stopped dreaming, we would go mad or even die.



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