Here is a glimpse into a better future: a future that might come about if we can get the new government to reorient its so called scientists to research into things of practical and national significance.

Scientists in the medical journal ‘Trends in Biotechnology’, which concentrates on advances in cell management, say that since great scientific progress has been made in growing stem cells we can now dream of a future in which faulty organs can be regrown from stem cells.

We must get a large amount of funds allocated to stem cell research. The great Dr. Venugopal, who headed AIIMS, was the pioneer in this and he was like a child in his enthusiasm. (Alas, he was removed by his health minister because he refused any shadiness in his dealings and he was replaced by the strangest administrator possible – a man who had been in the passport office and had been indicted there for misdoing.) At that time the other doctors did not take it very seriously and as work piles up and the patients increase they are unlikely to do very much about it. But we should have a dedicated institute with the best and brightest researchers.

Why do I want it – when I am normally so dismissive of government sponsored research? Because, if stem cells can regrow organs then they can be an ethical and green source of meat. Every village could have its very own small scale cultured meat factory. No more violence on animals, no more smuggling, no more illegal and brutal killing, no more terrible slaughterhouses. Just meat made at your doorstop. Cheap, clean and readily available.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue338

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