Meet these Hard Workers


Next time you complain at work, remember your vacations, religious and sick leaves and weekends and think of the beings that never get a break.

While humans get a choice, of having to work hard or not, to survive, most animals have no option but to toil if they are to survive. Pets work in different ways – sucking up to owners and putting up with their foibles is a very demanding job and many dogs and cats are mistreated horribly. Birds, hamsters, guinea pigs in cages and fish in aquaria may be fed but they suffer from having no work to do at all and they live and die in utter misery. Animals that are raised to be eaten, like pigs, chickens, cattle, goats, sheep may be fed and housed but both the food and the housing is so appalling all over the world that I am sure they would wish for death rather than life in those conditions



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