The Himalayan boy

He went to Himalayas, unknown about his fate, at the age of four and since then there has been no looking back. He can be credited with attracting the much needed attention from across the sectors towards Yoga only to make life easy for the common man. Bharat Thakur, an internationally recognised spiritual master speaks to Shruti Mittal about how vital is Yoga for a healthier and a happy life

Who is Bharat Thakur?

Bharat Thakur is the product of guru shishya parampara. My fate was already decided. I and my siblings were born to my parents with the blessings of Sukhdev Brahmachari, who had conditioned that my parents will have to sacrifice their eldest child to yoga, and here I am. I learned ayurveda, tantra and mantra, and the tenets of Sufism, Jainism and Buddhism under the aegis of my guru. Thereafter, I was assigned to spread Yoga in the world by him and that is what I had been doing since then.



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