Wonders of Dhaanyaamla


Dhaanyaamla is the most popular oil-free liquids for Ayurvedic therapies. Like all other practices in medicine, learned and precise use of Dhaanyaamla can work wonders.

Dhaanyaamla is one Ayurvedic preparation that is widely used in external treatments. The term is a conjugation of two different words – ‘dhaanya’ meaning ‘grains’ and ‘amla’ meaning ‘sour’. It is also known by the names kulmaasha, kaanjcika, avisuddha, aaranaala and sauveeraka. All the three major classics of Ayurveda at some instance or the other have referred to its use. Charaka Samhita, Susruta Samhita and Vagbhata have included this in the sour group (amlavarga), fermented preparations (santhaana kalpanaa) and in alcoholic beverage group (madya varga) respectively.



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