When I tell people I am vegetarian they remark that I was born a Sikh. It is true that a large number of Sikhs eat meat and confuse it with machismo. In fact during the separatist movement for a Sikh nation the joke was that its national bird would be Tandoori Murgha.

However lakhs of Sikhs are vegetarian. The holiest places of the Sikhs : the 5 Takhts (Akal Takht in Amritsar, Keshgarh Sahib Anandpur,  Damdama Sahib Bhatinda, Patna Sahib,  Hazoor Sahib,  Nanded) are all pure vegetarian. The first Guru established vegetarian kitchens and every Gurudwara, till today, serves only vegetarian food to the lakhs of people that eat there. The Gurus were vegetarian. Akali Dal members are supposed to be vegetarian.



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