Open your eyes to beauty

The beauty of nature is not just in joys of the senses. They tell you to travel, lift your eyes to the seas and hills. Hill tops and valleys where villagers live and mend their fields, and the stars over them. They are all there for a purpose, they want to help you. This is nature support for us.

I remember this incident that occurred with me many years back when I used to be part of media world. Since I was heading revenue generation team and media has always been an extremely fast paced sector, work life balance was always out of alignment. Late nights and travel resulted in internal systems collapsing and I developed ulcers and lever ailments at that point of time. Still I didn’t stop and rested but carriedon with this lifestyle, if you can call it that. Finally the machine collapsed and I was hospitalised for about two weeks, so this was forced rest natural way.



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