Values are the Pillars of Meaningful Life

In the ancient Indian system of education, the pupils were required to lead a life of strict discipline and austerity and had to observe strict code of moral conduct. The elements of character building were reflected in the daily activities of the pupils and constituted a part of the overall programmes of the courses of studies under the Guru. Good education is the process of developing the human personality, intellectual, physical, social, moral, aesthetic and spiritual. But now these days, education has degenerated into a process of information transmission with the sole objective of getting maximum scores. We are passing through a phase of social and political life, which poses special danger in the erosion of long accepted values. In our life lot of changes are taking place very fast like disintegration of traditional family system, consumerism, moral decay, competition, deculturisation, dehumanization, social alienation, casteism, social and national disintegration, crime, corruption, violence and indifference to human sufferings.


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