Spending time with yourself or rather knowing the ‘you’ is considered to be an important aspect as per vedic practices.And that’s exactly what I decided to do during the year end.

Another simple analogy will be the servicing of your car.

You may be driving any of the top models they have forced upon you but its imperative that you need to stop once in a while and get it serviced at the service station.Now this period,of getting your car serviced, is surely not the best time for you and you are helpless,without your car,you feel uncomfortable,you can’t venture out and you are restrained.

But can you afford to ignore this servicing aspect of your car ? No you can’t.Or else there is bound to be some problem ,some snag while its running on the road and Kaput….what do you do now?

Call up some emergency services as the car won’t budge,the engine won’t start and you are completely stranded in the middle of the road,you are nowhere.


_Ayurvedsutra - Issue 9 - Spring Special122 copy

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