You Need Shock Treatment

When Isaac Newton was sitting beneath a tree, it is said that an apple hit him on the head, and by pondering over this phenomenon, he discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation. This was like a shock treatment administered by Nature. This event triggered a train of thought in Newton’s mind. He started thinking about why, when the apple fell, it came down and did not go up. This thought led to the discovery of the Law of Gravitation.

This law had always been there, but no one had given it a serious thought or tried to analyze the phenomenon before. Then, after a long time, nature hit man on the head and told him in the language of hammering: “O Man, a law of nature has hit you just now….don’t just look at it and ignore….observe it, analyze it, understand it, and then use it for the further development of science.”

Shock treatment is a law of nature. This shock treatment can manifest itself in the form of a challenge, a setback, or a great loss. Every human being faces such adverse situations in their lives in some way or the other. But in reality, this shock treatment is a blessing in disguise, for it always acts for the betterment of the person in question, and more often than not, for all others as well.


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