Ayurvedic concept of Svapna – a literary review

Now a days, Swapna is totally abolished from clinical practice. Although, some studies have been done by some research scholars on Swapna in Ayurveda, even then more efforts are required to explore the possibility of application of this concept in the field of health and diseases.


Ayurveda, an eternal, unchanging, and holistic science which deal with spheres of life, based on its sound fundamental principles. There are so many theories and concepts were explained by Acharyas in our samhitas such as Tridosha,Triguna, Panchamahabhuta, Loka-Purusha samya etc. But unfortunately, some concepts are still untouched or unexplored and swapna is one of them. The theories of Swapna were known since times memorial to all the ancient civilizations all around the world. Then literatures on Swapna were abundant and elaborated through mythology or mystic and in the linguistic excellence of that era. Modern science also gives the biological importance of dreams and massive researches are going on to explore it more. Swapna has its own significance in the field of medicine. It has deep relationship in the causation, manifestation, and prognosis of a disease. Researches show that it has great importance not only psychologically and but also physiologically. But today, it is totally vanished from clinical practice. So, it needs more research, investigation in present era.



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