Bengal Traditional Practices On Danta Roga (Dental Disorders)

Bengal traditional practitioners have a great contribution in the field of ayurveda to serve it’s novel healing approach in the society. Different schools of thought with their rich traditional knowledge are serving in different parts of Bengal since times of yore. Various renowned pundits and commentators have enriched the classical wisdom. They made the ayurveda practice incredibly fashionable as primary health care system in every corner India. Various schools of traditions have modified the treatment principles of ayurveda in simplified form for making it more convenient, effective and as well more adaptive for the same eon. But unfortunately rich sources of such traditional knowledge are bankrupting due to lack of protection. Therefore protecting traditional and National heritage of healing knowledge through documentation becomes imperative. Renovation of that wisdom must be done with the help of advance technologies and should be made available for the community. On this backdrop the present series of work has been undertaken to document and generalize the ayurveda healing knowledge of Bengal Tradition.


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