The Reawakening of the Goddess

Angie Gonzalez is the founder of Permaculture Yogi: Inspiring inner and outer ecology through regenerative lifestyles by design. A registered Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and Permaculture designer Angieintroduces her philosophy of work.

It is the practice of an extraordinary lifestyle that designs and implements living human establishments which mimic patterns of nature to recreate healthy environments. Designing such settlements, we create a self-replenishing, renewable permanent culture as an alternative to a degenerating, polluting culture that exploits and diminishes quality of life.

In our surroundings, we can see that we are currently living in an impermanent culture which is eroding its own resources away.

We are facing an erosion of soil, water, seeds, forest, and the web of life; we have lost our ancestors’ cultural wisdom of caring for the Earth and natural resources.


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