Achara Rasayana includes being truthful, calm, free of anger, non-violent, charitable, simple, well-behaved, positive, self-controlled, unconceited, devoted to love and compassion, and having control over the senses.
You not only are what you eat, but you act like what you eat too. Food affects mood, behavior and relationships. If you eat foods that create bliss, your relationships will be happier too.

Foods that support happy moods are fresh, whole and organic. The more fresh and digestible the foods, the more they create ojas, the biochemical equivalent to bliss and happiness. Meals that include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fresh milk products such as paneer and lassi, healthy oils such as ghee and olive oil, and unprocessed sweeteners are recommended in Maharishi Ayurveda. Foods that are cooked fresh each day by yourself with love or by someone who loves you are considered the most ojas-producing.

A school at Appleton in Wisconsin, US, banned all fast food chains, candy machines and soft drinks from the premises. Instead, they fed the children and teenagers whole grain breads and well-rounded meals cooked with old-fashioned recipes. Since instituting the program, the principal and teachers report that violence, fighting, and truancy are markedly down, while grades and attention spans have soared. Other area schools are adopting a similar program as a result.


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