It have been reported that using Indian Ayurvedic system (using Cerebro Flo containg Zingiber officinale, Asparagus racemosus, Terminalia chebula etc.), remarkable clinical improvement was observed. The range of improvement in I.Q varied from 10 – 25 and even more in some cases.

Down syndrome (DS), the most common genetic cause of mental retardation, results in characteristic physical and neuropsychological findings, including deficits in language and memory. The neurophysiologic basis for these cognitive deficits indicated a defective cerebral perfusion in cases of DS. So far no study has indicated any modality which can improve defective cerebral perfusion in these cases.

It has been reported that after in any neurological insults (including Genetic), three types of neural tissue are left behind: (a) completely dead tissue – Nothing can be done with this tissue (b) partially functioning and (C) normally functioning.


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