Coimbatore will be a host to the pre-conference workshops to be organised from December 7-

11, 2015 during the 5th International Ayurveda Conference which will be held from December

11-18, 2015 at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda healing village, Coimbatore.

The Workshops will enable you to go deeper into some topics than is possible in the shorter

sessions of the main conference. Some of them require the prerequisite that you are already an

established health care practitioner or that you already have pre-existing knowledge of basic

Ayurvedic principles.

The topic of workshop will include Reclaiming Women’s Power to Heal the Earth by Mother

Maya, Ayurveda Tongue Diagnosis by Dr. Rama Prasad, Jyothisha 1 by Margaret Mahan,

Jyothisha 2 by Dr. Anaghan, Acupuncture-Informed Trigger Point Dry Needling™ for the

Treatment of Pain by Dr. James Ventresca

The registration process for the preliminary learning session will commence on December 6,


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