Ayurved Sutra reports from Vaidyagrama,Coimbtore. 5th Ayurveda International Conference held in Coimbatore kick started on December 11, 2015. It explores the interconnectedness of man and nature from an Ayurvedic point of view. The first day at the Conference saw Ayurveda enthusiast pouring in at Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic Healing Village, which is 15kms away from the city. It can be called the ‘Land of Peace’, which allows you to enjoy nature.

The beginning of the day was marked with the pooja. In tune with the theme of the Conference, “Exploring Interconnectedness of Man with Nature”, the spiritual atmosphere is established with the Poojas to the nine planets/Navagrahas. The conference will see a series of Poojas being offered to each of the Navagrahas, on each day of the week. There will be Samaradhana for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu which will complete the pooja.

This was followed by a long and rigorous registration session for people coming in. The day saw the presence of the former Governor of West Bengal, M K Narayanan who appreciated the efforts. Mother Maya who was expected too could not mark her presence.

The endeavour by Vaidyagrama and Punarnava is a treat for people interested in Ayurveda as the 8 day conference expect national and international teachers, writers, practitioners, speakers and presenters to participate. They will explore the latest in the Ayurveda science, technology and business and will access the latest and most popular ayurveda products and tools.

Exploring Grahas

The day 2 at the 5th Ayurveda International Conference saw clouds playing hide and seek with the mighty sun. The Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village aspires to be a green, eco-friendly, self-sustainable, authentic Ayurveda healing space in the green laps of nature in the outskirts of Coimbatore. The conference is beautifully exploring holism in the context of the planets, zodiac and other celestial influence on all aspects of life as understood by Ayurveda and allied Indian knowledge systems.

The day commenced with the ‘Soorya Mandala Samaradhana’ (Worshiping the Divine Graha Sun), which was followed by a Yoga Session by Shakta Kaur and Myra Lewin. Thereafter, Robert Svoboda and Claudia Welch explained how grahas work in the context of health & living. Explaining the importance of planter positions in our lives Robert said, “Each graha impacts us in its own unique way, for better or worse. Though some grahas are relatively more benevolent and others more malevolent, only two can be truly termed “benefic”: Jupiter and Venus. But even these great benefits can, when poorly placed in a birth chart, deliver undesirable results.”

Thereafter, Padmasri P. R. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited, talked about the Indian knowledge system and the desperate need to translated the information at a logical, philosophical and conceptual level.

The day saw speakers namely Dr Raman Namboothiri, Dr S Gopakumar, Dr Sreedharan Namboothiri, Prof.Frederick M.Smith, Dr N.Gopalakrishnan, Sashikala Ananth, Dr Sivakaran Namboothiri and Dr Vinod Krishnan speaking on the occasion.

The conference is also offering Astrology and Ayurveda Consultations and Ayurveda treatments/ medicines. The Expo at the conference is one of the major attractions at the conference.

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