A delegation of 18 students and two faculty members — Laurie Anderson and Alvina Kittur — from St Catherine University of Minneosta in USA ended its three-day visit to BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya at Khanpur Kalan.

The delegation was appraised of the principles and utilities of the Indian system of yoga with live demonstration of Asanas (exercises). The exercise continued for two days and students opined it was a learning avenue for them. The delegation was then introduced to various Ayurvedic treatment methods, including Panchakrama and ancient surgery technique. The students then visited the university’s cultivation ground where herbs and plants are grown for Ayurvedic treatments.


The group visited the Nyat village where they interacted with villagers, primarily women groups, to get a view of the Indian and Haryanavi culture. The delegation members attended a two-day international workshop on Ayurveda and social works organised on the university premises.

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