AMMOI urges Kerala govt to exclude Ayurveda hospitals from purview of minimum wages rule

With a request for survival, the Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers’ Organization of India (AMMOI) has urged the Minimum Wages Advisory Board (MWAB) of Kerala government to exclude Ayurveda hospitals from the purview of minimum wage rates fixed for employees.  AMMOI wants the government not to treat or compare Ayurveda hospitals with modern medicine institutions as their revenues are not comparable. There is big difference in the case of bed availability in government hospitals where treatment is given free.

The estimated number of beds in the 1,250 allopathic hospitals in the government sector is 37,021. There are 120 Ayurveda hospitals and 793 dispensaries in the government sector. The number of beds in these centers altogether comes around 2,200 only. The biggest Ayurveda hospital in the private sector, Kottakal Aya Vaidyasala, has only 300 beds, and in Vaidyaratnam it is only 100.

In the private sector all the traditional treatment institutions are facing challenges and struggling to survive. So, the wage rates should not be made mandatory for Ayurveda hospitals because their earnings are very low compared to modern medical institutions.

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