Apprehensions Raised over BAMS Allotment

The agreement reached between the government and private self-financing college managements on curbing the number of allotments to Ayurveda undergraduate courses has raised apprehensions that it would only help self-financing and private college managements.

As per the agreement three allotments shall be made by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) to the managements concerned for the BAMS courses and self-financing colleges can collect an annual tuition fee not exceeding Rs 55,000 excluding those admitted under the NRI quota. The fee for a management seat is Rs 1.65 lakh and for an NRI seat is Rs 2.475 lakh.

The allotments shall be made after the completion of the allotment of MBBS and BDS courses and the college management will be able to fill the seats that remain unfilled after the third allotment. There were five allotments and a spot admission till 2012. The managements have gained on the seats after the allotment was restricted to three and spot admission stopped in 2013.

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