Arayuma, Sri Lankan Premium Organic Coconut Milk Voted Canada’s Favourite Fair Trade Product of 2013

A special award was presented to the company Arayuma on October 3, 2013, in Toronto for their product “Premium Organic Coconut Milk”, voted “Canada’s Favorite Fair-trade Product for 2013” by a large number of Canadians during Fair Trade Fortnight. The Fair Trade Fortnight is an annual two-week blitz celebrating and promoting all Fair Trade, taking place during May 1 to 15.

Fair Trade Canada presented this award to the couple Chanaka Kurera and Marise May who are the founders of Arayuma. The couple started Sahana Ayurvedic Products, Inc. in May’s native Montreal in 2007. The company imports and distributes fair trade organic, herbs and spices, coconut milk, coconut water as well as ready-to eat curries, all purchased ethically from Sri Lanka. The products are sold under the brand name Arayuma, which means “invitation” in Sinhalese. The couple’s environmentalist ideology has ensured that 1% of the sales from their coconut milk and coconut water gotowards protecting Sri Lanka’s wild elephants.  Arayuma products are sold in health food and specialty stores across Canada and are free of allergens such as nuts and gluten.

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