A week-long qorkshop on “Astanga Hrdaya Saptahas”, will be organized by AVP Research Foundation (AVPRF), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, from December 22-28, 2013. Astanga Hrdaya Saptahas are intensive seven-day workshops focusing on specific sections of the Astanga Hrdaya. The goal of these workshops is to dig into the basics of Ayurveda through an indepth study of the classical text. The workshop approximately covers 72 hours of exposure to the text comprising of 12 hours of chanting, theoretical discussions, practicals and meet the acharya sessions every day. To provide a personalized and intense experience, only limited candidates are selected after telephonic interview and online test. Astanga Hrdaya Saptahas are conducted on the different Sthanas (Chapters) every year in June and December tentatively. The Saptaha’s are attended by BAMS students, PG scholars, researchers and professionals from the Ayurvedic field. Applications are available in pdf format on the official website.

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