Ayurshakti Ayurveda plans to expand its clinics in 2015

The total size of the Indian ayurvedic market is Rs 50 billion and it is growing substantially at a rate between 10-15 per cent, with the same growth rate targetted for the next 10 years. Ayushakti Ayurved is a Rs 42 crores company with a growth rate of 30 per cent p. a. Presently there are 10 Ayushakti centres across India and two franchise centres. Ayushakti is also planning for the launch 50 more centres in Maharashtra in the next three years. In the next five years they are planning for an IPO.

Their immediate goal for 2015 is to widen their presence in Maharashtra with 10 new Ayushakti franchise centres. They are also launching a DeTox mobile van in Mumbai this year, this will be a pilot followed by five more Mobile DeTox Vans in Mumbai. Patients who cannot reach their centres can avail of this facility. They have also developed a software called Satya in the international market. It is a software system which helps to follow Ayushakti’s authentic ayurveda practice.

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