Ayurveda Units in Uttrakhand Suffer Due to Lack of Medicines

Although Yoga and Ayurveda are promoted around the world, the state of Ayurveda and medicinal herbs in Uttarakhand leaves much to be desired. The State Government touts various schemes and plans aimed at developing Uttarakhand into a herbal State but the Government-run Ayurveda treatment facilities in the State continue to suffer due to Government apathy. One such example of the official apathy faced by the Government’s own Ayurvedic facilities can be seen at the Panchakarma unit in district hospital at Bauradi in Tehri district. This unit has remained closed for about four months now due to lack of medicines. People from various parts of the district including remote regions continue to visit this centre for Ayurvedic medicines and treatment only to be turned away disappointed. Ayurvedic treatment is considerably popular here considering that in 2014-15, a total of 15,824 patients had reached this centre for treatment.

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