CCIM expert panel not in favor of bringing Ayush under common Central regulatory authority

The policies pertaining to healthcare plans proposed in the manifesto of the Bharatiya Janatha Party was discussed in the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM)’s special expert committee. The expert committee felt that the autonomy of the Ayush department should not be abolished and the system should not be brought under the overarching regulatory body for healthcare as envisaged in the manifesto because once brought under a super controlling authority, it will lose its identity and impede its overall growth. Therefore, the special panel of experts suggested for several measures in place to strengthen the Ayush system by utilizing modern technologies.

The expert committee decided to request the union government to initiate steps for establishing Ayurveda and Siddha hospitals in those states where they are not started so far, especially in north eastern parts of the country where awareness of traditional medicines is poor among common public.

The key points in the manifesto were to strengthen the healthcare system by making it affordable, available and effective, modernizing government hospitals in the country with upgrading of infrastructure and technologies and proposal for reorganizing ministry of health & family welfare (MoH&FW) for effective delivery of healthcare services. The manifesto revealed the government’s commitment to increase public investment to promote yoga and Ayush systems. There are plans to start integrated courses for Indian systems of medicine (ISM) and modern science and Ayurgenomics. Vigorous programmes will be launched to standardize and validate the Ayurvedic medicines.

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