Chakrapani Ayurveda Center has developed an innovative and valuable product Ayurvedic Antiperspirant and Deodarant powder with herbal extracts as the base. It can be a great remedy for a person suffering from excessive sweating or body odor. This exquisite and delicately scented perfume powder is a perfect natural and best alternative choice to your irritation causing alcohol based products.

With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Powder, Camphor, Ushira and many other floral extracts, the powder is so unique and the fragrance stays for a whole day. This can even be used on babies to keep them happy, fresh and safe from germs.

Being powder form it is easy to apply. A pinch of this powder can be rubbed on the body directly or with few drops of water after bath especially underarms and areas of sweat accumulation. This deodorant brings fragrance, relaxation, a sense of comfort, vitalized mood and charisma in daily life. It is free from artificial or alcohol ingredients hence does not produce allergy.

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