The Coimbatore civic body is planning to set up an Ayurvedic treatment centre along with Panchkarma treatment facility in its limits. It is expected to be the first ever Ayurveda centre to be operated and managed by any municipal corporation in the state. It will be an Ayurveda centre with specialized treatment for joint pain and arthritis. Panchkarma treatment along with Ayurvedic massages will also be given by experts at the centre. Around 10 patients could be treated on a daily basis. The civic body is expected to spend about Rs 55 lakh for setting up the project, out of which Rs 39 lakh will be set aside as one-time investment for constructing the centre and purchasing basic equipment required for providing Ayurvedic treatment. As per the project proposal, the main doctor and support staff at the centre will be outsourced and for other operational expenses about Rs 16 lakh will be kept aside by the corporation.

The city municipal corporation is expected to speed up the process and identify the ideal location for setting up the Ayurvedic treatment centre after the resolution is passed at the council meeting.

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