Cosmetics manufacturers operating without valid licenses are now under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) radar.

With proper marketing, cosmetic products like body lotions, skincare solutions including moisturizers, skin whitening creams, bleaches and facial scrubs have slowly made their way into households in the small towns and villages of Maharashtra. This has propelled the demand for such products over the years, resulting in small entrepreneurs entering the manufacturing business to earn quick money by producing cosmetics at cheaper rates and using ingredients of inferior quality.

A stock of drugs and cosmetics worth Rs 18.44 lakh was seized during our routine surveillance between April 2013 and March 2014. FDA has intensified their drive to detect more such erring cosmetic manufacturers, who are running the business without the mandatory license under Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940.

The cosmetic manufacturers and Ayurveda manufacturers were found manufacturing medicines without seeking license from FDA in Pune division. License is not needed for selling Ayurveda products, but a person mandatorily needs to seek a license if he/she is manufacturing Ayurveda products. Two firms in Satara, were in the manufacturing business without licenses.

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